Virtual Machines (VPS)

A Virtual Machine is also commonly known as a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). In it’s most simple form, a Virtual Machine is a “slice” of a dedicated physical server – it is essentially a collection of resources (Storage/Memory/Network) which can be used to make up a virtual environment.

Inside this virtual environment a user is free to install a complete unmodified Operating System and will obtain super user level access to install and configure the Operating System itself or the software and programs running within it. In most cases, a Virtual Machine is functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, however a Virtual Machine is a much more efficient and affordable solution, as many customers are sharing and utilizing the same hardware.

A Virtual Machine is intended for 24/7 operation and the underlying equipment and hardware are tailored to this exact purpose, offering multi redundant enterprise storage, network access and normal/emergency power.

Choosing the right resources..

The first step is to work out what resources you require. With a Virtual6 Virtual Machine the main difference between our packages is the RAM (Memory), Storage (Disk Space) and vCPU (Computing Power) your Virtual Machine will have access too. Our entry level VM1GB is suitable for most everyday requirements, but if the specific application you intend to run has any hard requirements then we recommend you check them prior to ordering a Virtual Machine. It’s easy to keep an eye on your usage via our control panel, but we can go further into that later.

Select your resource requirements from the secure Virtual Machine order page by clicking the above image.

Choosing the right support..

The second most important factor of your Virtual Machine is the support option you apply to it. At Virtual6 we offer two types of support for Virtual Machines, these are explained in detail below.

  1. Self Managed

This option is free of charge and is the default choice. With it, you will get:

  • Access to our customer services team via live chat, online ticket, email and telephone.
  • Secure online self service portal which integrates billing, support and service management into one login.
  • Live updates and announcements on service related issues 24/7/365 via our Blog.
  • Help with performance related issues and diagnostics (Hardware or network) and assistance with using any of our control panels or functions.
  • Help with billing and administrative issues.

You will NOT get:

  • Support for any Operating System related issues, such as security updates and patches or pre-boot issues such as kernel panics.
  • Support for any software or program installed within the Virtual Machine.

2. Managed by Virtual6

This option is currently +£15.76 on any package. With it you can rest easy knowing the Virtual6 team have you’re back when you need it the most. You will get:

  • All Self Managed features above.
  • Support for any Operating System related issues, such as security updates and patches or pre-boot issues such as kernel panics.
  • Support for any of our recognized control panel software below, this includes support for all programs etc that are essential to the running of the control panel and assistance with the usage of the control panels themselves. We will also complete the initial Virtual Machine setup and configuration and transfer any of your websites etc from other supported systems.
You can select your Support Type on the Virtual Machine configuration page.

Selecting your Operating System..

The base of of your Virtual Machine build starts with the Operating System. An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs. You’re probably familiar with Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu which are common desktop operating systems, or Android which is a common mobile operating system, these are just some examples of operating systems. A Virtual Machine from Virtual6 is powered by Linux KVM technology, meaning they’re capable of running operating systems from Windows, Linux or BSD families. Please see Guest Support Status for further information or contact us for further information.

Installation of the operating system is done using one of the following options:

  • Install using a pre-made “OS template” (Quick and simple)
  • Install using a ISO file (For advanced settings such as partitions etc)

All Virtual Machines are initially setup using a pre-made OS template which you will select from the OS dropdown option shown on the image above. This is so we can automate the procedure and send you your server details instantly. If you wish to use an ISO file instead, you should first deploy as above and then re-install using an ISO file thereafter. Furthermore, once you have access to our Virtual Machine control panel you will be able to reinstall your server at any time using any of the above methods at your convenience – you can even add your own ISO files without our assistance using any HTTP/S mirror URL!

Pay securely and get online in as little as 5 minutes..

Once you’ve configured your Virtual Machine, you will be asked to make payment securely using either PayPal, BTC (Bitcoin) or BACS (Manual confirmation required). Subject to successful payment and approval of your order, your Virtual Machine will be created and the details sent to you instantly.

Create, explore and extend on your Virtual Machine!

What you do with your Virtual Machine is down to you, the possibilities are endless, there are no limits other than your resource allocation and your imagination. Using our intuitive Virtual Machine panel you should be able to manage every aspect of your product without our intervention. But, should you need us, we’re always here to help.

A screenshot of our Virtual Machine control panel in action